Chocolate Tour of New York

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  • Duration

    - 2 hours (approx.)
  • Chelsea/Greenwich Village/SoHo

  • Capacity

    - 20 persons per guide
  • Food is included. 7 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Dress

    - It's a walking tour, so dress comfortably!
  • Departs

    Wednesday through Sunday @ 12pm
  • Meeting Location

    Washington Square Arch
  • Final Destination

    Li-Lac Chocolates, 162 Bleecker St


Chocolate Tour of New York

Who doesn't like chocolate? Who doesn't love New York?! Come join your expert chocoholic tour guide for a delightful stroll through some of New York's most decadent dessert boutiques and chocolatiers on the world famousChocolate New York! From classic truffles to salty caramels, from dark chocolate almond bark to the most exquisite chocolate macaron. You'll be tasting the greatest chocolates the world has to offer on The Chocolate Tour of New York, if that doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth the great discounts will ensure you walk home with bags of chocolatey goodness for the family. Chocoholics everywhere will love this tour!

Chocolate New York Itinerary

  • Chocolatiers Visit and experience chocolate shops. NYC's finest chocolatiers and purveyors of the chocolatey good stuff, only the best made the cut, and tasting their delicious wares will prove it!
  • The History of Chocolate Discover chocolate's origins in the mists of antiquity, learn about the amazing health benefits, plus plenty of fun facts and chocolate anecdotes to impress your friends with
  • New York Sightseeing While the focus is most definitely all things chocolate, we will be taking a look at what the storied streets of New York's best neighborhoods have in store for us
  • Film Locations Some great American films have memorable film locations around town, perfect for the quick selfie!
  • Health & Safety Requirements

    • • All guests (2 years and older) are required to wear masks. Masks should be worn over your nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of your face and chin.
    • • All guests are required stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from others who aren't with their personal party.
    • • Be alert for COVID-19 symptoms. If you are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed, PLEASE contact us to reschedule your tour.
    • • To ensure a fun experience, we take our health and safety seriously and hope you do too. Please review our Health Safely Requirements.
    • • Due to safety precautions, all tours will take place exclusively outdoors. Entering shops and places of interest may not be available at this time.
    • • Due to current safety restrictions, bathrooms may not be accessible during the tours.

    Landmarks and Attractions

    • Meatpacking District
    • The Friends' building
    • Historic West Village
    • Bleecker Street
    • Chelsea Market
    • Greenwich Village

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    4 star(s)  16.24% (57 vote(s))
    3 star(s)  237.89% (835 vote(s))
    2 star(s)  237.04% (832 vote(s))
    1 star(s)  378.92% (1330 vote(s))
    “Chocolate Tour of NYC”
    By mw7060a (A TripAdvisor Member) on January 4, 2014
    My sister and I recently traveled to NYC in December 2013 to celebrate my birthday, and so I found out about the Chocolate tour of NYC. I located a discount deal on Travel Zoo- 2 tickets for a total of $35 (normally would have cost $100). It said to meet at entrance of Chelsea Market. We got there an hour early so we could walk around Chelsea Market. We went outside when it was time, and met up with the 2 tour guides and other participants. It was a cold 28 degrees in NYC. They split us into two groups. My group had a male guide by the name of Sean. We let the other group get a 15 minute head start before we started our tour behind them. But no matter how much of a head start we kept giving the earlier group, we kept running into the other group who was much slower about three different times along the tour. Still, we had a great time. Sean was very knowledgeable about the different neighborhood sections we were visiting. He gave interesting tidbits such as about the different colored street signs. Brown signs were historical areas. The tastings we had were very good, and large enough. Some were a mini cupcake; a French-style macaroon; different chocolate pieces of candy, a chocolate cookie, a mini cannoli....very nice assorted samples to taste. Some of places on the tour were chocolate candy stores, others were bakeries. So, it was a nice mix. A couple of the places had restrooms one could use. I thought the walking pace was just fine for me. If you decide to go on the tour (and I do recommend it), wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Some did not and their feet started to hurt. Now, when we went just a few days ago here in December, it was very cold and windy (28 degrees). So, one must dress appropriately for walking and also to keep warm. Sean did a great job as a tour guide. Very informative & friendly. The only recommendation I would make is that whoever's group goes first, it is that tour guide's responsibility to make sure their group isn't always trailing. It should be a "clue" if the second group keeps catching up, and we were not even trying. We were going at a comfortable pace, not fast. We had to wait outside in the cold until the first group finished visiting the site before we could enter.

    Visited December 2013

    From TripAdvisor
    Fantastic - great guide, great places and great chocs!
    By Dan on November 6, 2010
    Both Jo (my new wife) and I were already having the time of our lives in New York. We remembered half way through that we had booked this tour and we weren't disappointed. It opened up a new level of New York that was invaluable to the rest of our honeymoon.

    Our guide was Bert, who welcomed us in Bond St chocs. He was instantly very friendly, and impressed us with his knowledge of chocolate and relationship with the chocolatiere who recommended some amazing bonbons.

    Then, a short walk across town to the next shop where he recommended to us the best chocolate I've ever tasted - a pretzel bonbon. This place was really tucked out of the way on an uninspiring street, but the treasure within was well worth it.

    Next, to save from chocolate overload, Bert took us to Eileen's for a cheesecake. He told us it was generally considered one of the best cheesecakes in the whole of New York. And that it was only 250 calories. All this made for much bliss. We tried hard over the next four days of our holiday to find a cheescake that was better by having one with every meal, but alas, Bert was right.

    Finally, we walked over to a place called Vosges. They had a theme night on for the Mexican 'Day of the Dead', and offered us some spiced Mezcal and chocolate covered tortillas. Both superlative. After Bert's previous successes, we allowed him to persuade us on the curry, olive oil and balsamic bonbons. Genius.

    Bert obviously knew his stuff, but I loved his unpretentious approach and 'the best way to enjoy chocolate is to enjoy chocolate' approach. Next time we're in New York, this will be a must on our list of things to do.
    A long walk for chocolate
    By Michael F on September 25, 2015
    My wife and I went for the Chocolate Walking Tour on a Saturday at 5. Our tour guide Alex was waiting out front of Chelsea Markets well in advance and collected his charges efficiently. He told us we would be walking down out of Chelsea, through the meat packing district and Greenwich Village, and finishing just inside SoHo. It would have been better to know this ahead of time as we had driven and would have preferred to park near the end of the tour instead of the beginning but we made do by breaking up our walk back to the car with dinner. All of the chocolatiers were great, Alex set a comfortable pace and called ahead so each time our samples were waiting for us. Alex also gave us a tremendous amount of New York history as we walked. The tour was over 2 miles itself, which Alex covered in just over 2 hours, then the most direct route back to our car was 1.8 miles, so almost 4 miles total, 4 hours including a relaxing dinner. I recommend this tour to anyone who can handle the walk and likes both chocolate and history. Alex did pay special attention to the children in our group, making sure they were engaged. Bring a bag of some sort as you will definitely want to take advantage of the 10% discount you receive at each stop.

    Visited July 2014
    Chocolate tour
    By kmbke on January 14, 2011
    I have never heard of chocolate tours until moving to NYC. It may sound a little silly, but it was surprisingly entertaining and delicious. Our tour guide (I don't remember his name) was amazing! He was such a great guide, he knew the ins and outs of chocolate itself, the chocolate making process, and basically everything that you never even think about when buying chocolate. It was enlightening to say the least! And his great sense of humor made it enjoyable (unlike some lecture-type tours). As you walk from shop to shop he talks about the city itself, cool facts about different buildings and history, etc.

    Now for the chocolate. Oh my goodness, if you have not been to these "chocolate boutiques" you do not know what you are missing!! Unlike 'regular' chocolate you buy in the store, these were melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness! and we got to try a whole range of flavors (from salty to passionfruit to caipirinha). I will only buy chocolate from those stores now, nothing compares.

    Even as a new yorker, the tour was still fun and the chocolate of course, unlike anything I've ever had. I totally recommend Celebrity Planet Chocolate Tour for any woman (or man) who appreciates chocolate, whether you live here or are just visiting.
    “Chocolate Tour of NYC”
    By KathleenLeo (a TripAdvisor Member) on July 1, 2014
    The tour itself was fun. The first place was Lilac and that had wonderful chocolate. Everyone bought something. You do get a 10% discount at each stop which pays for the tax in NY. But we took our tour in late June and it was the worst day. The temperature got to 89 degrees ... Horrible for walking in the City. Do not go in the summer unless it is overcast or even raining would have been better. Because it was so hot our guide walked way too fast and spoke way to fast, just to move it along. There were 9 of us, but there were supposed to be 20; thank heavens others did not show, I am sure because of the heat. With 9 people it was bearable but had there been more it would not have been a good tour. Sidewalks are narrow downtown, and we are not the only ones on them! Stores are very small; we were able to go inside some of the stores, but it would have been impossible with additional people. Our guide seemed knowledgable about the area. Pointed out were TV shows were taken (Friends and Seinfeld). Pointed out the Highline Park. Again, good event - Just do not go in the heat of the summer.

    Visited June 2014

    From TripAdvisor